The name OOTO, an abbreviation of Out of the Ordinary, owes the table to its form and type of wood.

OOTO is a counterpart of the classic table. The straight beams are invisible connected to each other to create a table top with head ends of irregularly placed beams. This allows you to just sit at the long sides of the table.

The clear, pale wood of the tulip tree breaks the straight lines of the table with subtle, organic lines of yellow, green and sometimes almost purple veins.

The length, width and height of OOTO is variable and can be custom made on request. The table can be disassembled for transport.



Material: Tulip wood (official name is Yellow Poplar)
Dimensions: 385 x 82 x 77 cm (length x width x height)
Weight: 225 kg


Production time: 4-8 weeks (unless in stock)
Design options: size is variable can be custom made
Finishing: transparent non toxic, No-VOC finish (stain, alcohol and moisture proof)
Deliver area: world wide

Price: € 4350,-

Price is including VAT and excluding shipping.

Contact me if you have any questions.