Sunset Light


The colaboration of natural colours, the oak wood pattern and the light effect ensures a calm and pleasant illumination.

Every dark place will be enlightened by the Sunset Light and can be used as a floor or a table lamp.

Sunset Light is made of European oak wood and has a solid base of rusted steel. The light intensity can easily be adjusted with the dimmer.

Through the natural rusting process not one base is alike. They are all unique. To stop the rusting process and prevent stain the base is treated with a natural coating. By adding the layer of felt underneath it’s easy to move the Sunset light.


Materials: European Oak wood and rusted steel
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 45cm (width x length x height)
Weight: 6,3 kg


Production time: in stock (4-8 weeks when not in stock, depending on the weather and the will of the steel to get rusted)
Finishing: natural coating (Bee wax)
Deliver area: world wide

Price: € 695,-

Price is including VAT and excluding shipping.

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